September 9, 2022

Prosperity Challenge – Day 7

As we sit and wait to see what may or may not happen with Hurricane Dorian, I was wondering how I was going to do my giveaway today. It happened so naturally that I almost missed that I had done it. You see the nice woman that helps clean the house came over to make sure that we were set before the storm. On her way out, I gave her a bag of fruit that we had. It was just an afterthought. A few hours later, I was talking to my friend Dan and saying that I wanted to make sure I took five dollars for the valet at our restaurant, as a way to do my giveaway. Mid-sentence I started to laugh, realizing that this giving thing is becoming second nature and that I had already done my give away.


Amazing dinner.

Clean house.

Storm is down to a Category 3 from a 5, so far.

Got a 20 minute work out in.

My friend took me out to lunch.

I found a course and certification that I want to take at a ridiculously low cost.

Portable chargers for our phones arrived, when Amazon had said that it might take a few days.

Our restaurant will be closed tomorrow, which is nice because I needed a break.

I received payment for a sale online.

I scheduled a free consultation with a coach I am considering hiring.

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