September 15, 2022
giving is receiving

365 Day Giveaway Experiment – What is It?

giving is receiving

Let’s Make a Positive Shift

Have you ever woken up and thought what happened to my life? Where did the years go and who is this cranky person looking back at me in the mirror? Somehow instead of truly living each day, you got caught up in the daily grind. Work became joyless. Your body feels like someone else’s. Someone, perhaps, that likes stuffing things down with cake too much. And your bank account … ughh let’s change the subject.

That is the way that I have been feeling. Not ready to jump off of a ledge but just blah. So today I decided that I need a change. Something to shift the energy into something a little bit more positive.

And that is when the Universe gave me a huge clue as to how to get out of my funk. I landed a client that wanted me to make him a vision board video that would make him feel like it was Christmas every day. It was so much fun creating that video that I almost did not want to charge him. Almost:)

And that is when it hit me – that Christmasy giving feeling could be my key as well. During the holidays when I am focused on finding that perfect gift for someone else instead of dwelling on my own little problems, I just feel better, more energetic and more like I have something to give.

I want that feeling again. I just don’t see any reason to wait until the holidays. I decided to create a little experiment: Every day for 365 days I am going to give something away. It could be a physical object or it could be some of my time or skills to help someone else. At the end of the 365 days, we will see what changes have occurred internally and in my external reality.

I invite you to do this experiment with me. Write down what you gave away and what if anything changed. I will be reporting daily right here on this blog.

Have fun and start giving!

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