September 9, 2022

Day 9 – Prosperity Challenge

Giveaway: Today I gave $5 to the valet and $10 to a bartender

Gains: I wanted a releasing session ( a form of meditation) and one of my favorite instructors was hosting one for free. Today I got an email that another instructor is also giving away a free session.

A friend of mine approached me to do business together in a potentially lucrative deal.

I needed someone to bring my furniture back in after the storm and was told that one of our staff is coming over to do just that. I did not even have to ask.

I want to swim in the pool but was worried about bacteria after the storm. I looked out the window and the pool guy is cleaning it right now.

My dog usually drives me crazy to let him out in the morning. This morning he is still sleeping and I had a chance to meditate.

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