September 27, 2022

Day 12 – Prosperity Challenge


I gave away a free report.

I made a friend dinner.


I was able to swim before someone came over to do work on the house.

There was a webinar that I really wanted to be on but I thought I did not have time because I had to get to the bank before 12. I realized right before the webinar that I actually did not have to go to the bank so I made the webinar.

I received a ton of insight while on the webinar.

While on the webinar I saw an alert that someone had used my credit card. Normally I would have freaked out. Instead, I let myself finish the call and took care of it easily afterward.

I had a great dinner with my friend and watched a movie similar to the Matrix.

I woke up at 4 am and decided to continue with an online self improvement course and had some huge aha moments. I realized that everything that we experience is due to our thinking, every good and bad moment, every feeling, every so called “mistake” and that when we correct our thinking the emotions and our actions change.

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