September 10, 2022

Day 10 – Prosperity Challenge

Today I gave away a chicken parmigiana with pasta from our restaurant. Again, it was funny, I gave without even thinking about it. That is a shift. In the first few days, I planned what I wanted to give and to who. Now I just find myself giving without thought.


I logged into my clickbank account and found that I had made two sales. Had not expected any, just logged in out of boredom.

I heard my Uncle was in the hospital planned to head over before work and found he had already been released.

Heard that a TV station wanted to do an interview about my business.

A member of our staff came and brought all of the furniture back outside.

Had a thought that I want to go in the pool and the pool guy came within seconds to clean it.

Wanted to meditate again and another free meditation session dropped into my lap.

Have been wanting to see my sister and she said she might be coming down.

Found some ridiculously lucrative online businesses that I can build with a friend of mine.

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